Call for Chapters: Handbook on Social Professions

The design and development of social projects (especially those that include educational elements) have a special impact on the future of human groups. These plans involve very different professions, especially those we call social professions (social workers, social educators, caregivers, etc.). In this way, social professions have a strong relationship with the future of human groups: their social development, the resolution of social problems in different contexts, and support for disadvantaged groups. This future will likely go through the redefinition of these professions, their interconnection, the definition of complementary training itineraries and ideally the realization of truly interdisciplinary studies and interventions.
This redefinition includes the planning, execution and evaluation of social projects and presents two clearly differentiated, though intimately related aspects: Knowledge and Action. 

Thus, the objective of this series of two practical edited volumes is to present an international overview of both aspects of the social professions beginning with the knowledge generated in relation to social projects, and the actions such as design of initial and continuous training of social professions and how it plays out with specific groups of people in which these professions are involved. From different perspectives, the first book aims to present the reader with various contributions, ranging from theoretical reflections on essential aspects for the planning of social professions.

To submit a chapter, please send the following information to [email protected] and [email protected] by 30 January 2020, including:
1. A proposed chapter title, and 300-word abstract (APA format)
2. Include which volume and area in which you see that your chapter pertains
3. Names, affiliations and contact emails for proposed authors. For co-authored
submissions, please designate an author for correspondence. If you are a social
service professional, please include the name of your institution or organization

For more information, please look at “download section” of the website.

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