Call for two New Editors: European Journal of Teacher Education

The European Journal of Teacher Education is the official Journal of the ATEE. The candidates shall be members of the Association and be familiar with the Association.
The Co-Editors will be expected to officially take over in January 2020 after an initial period under the supervision of the current Co-Editors.

The appointment is for an initial term of three years, which can be extended to an additional term of three years subject to performances. The position is remunerated as per annual budget approved by the General Assembly.

The Co-Editors shall work closely with reviewers, the Editorial Board, and the Administrative Council of the ATEE.

A. Requirements

The applicants shall comply with the following requirements:

1. Be an academic researcher at higher education level
2. Share the values and principles of the Association
3. Hold a doctoral degree in education/teacher education or a related field
4. Have a high academic profile
5. Have published books and/or papers on education and teacher education
6. Have been involved in international projects related to teacher education issues
7. Have previously attended the ATEE Conferences and worked within the ATEE Research and Development Communities
8. Have read and understood the Statutes, the Internal Rules, the Privacy Chart and the Ethical Code of the Association, and be committed to respect the statutory rules.

B. Criteria for evaluation

The following aspects shall be considered by the Administrative Council:
1. The international academic profile
2. The level of publications
3. The international metrics

C. Tasks

The Co-Editors shall ensure the following tasks:

1. Review process
a. Manage all the papers submitted and ensure the timely publication of five issues of the journal per year
b. Read all papers and decide if suitable for the review process (no name/institutions on the paper, meet criteria as set out in author guidelines, relevant to teacher education, adding to knowledge, no plagiarism)
c. Ensure a deep, precise and detailed review process of the articles
d. Ensure a response to the submitting authors within a reasonable timescale
e. Liaise with the authors of the papers and respond to enquiries
f. Keep a list of reviewers and ensure it is published every year
g. Analyse reviewers’ reviews and make decision about the papers
h. Look for other reviewers when the reviews are not consistent with each other
i. Re-read re-submitted papers decide and if suitable changes have been made then re-send to reviewers or select new reviewers if necessary
j. Read, check and edit final papers prior to sending to Taylor and Francis Production Team
k. Ensure all designations and institutional information included in each paper
l. Ensure all diagrams, figures, etc. meet production quality
m. Ensure the author copyright form is signed
n. Finalise papers for production

2. Productions issues
a. Liaise with the Routledge Production Team
b. Decide on selection of papers for up to five issues each year and their order
c. Proofread and write Editorials for each issue of the journal
d. Submit running order of papers and Editorial to production team for each issue
e. Proofread and authorise the outside and inside covers of each issue of the journal
f. Review the EJTE author guidelines every year and amend as necessary
g. Suggest and prepare Virtual issues of EJTE
h. Attend meetings with the Publisher when required

3. Reviewers
a. Select reviewers
b. Liaise with reviewers

4. Co-Editors and Editorial Board
a. Ensure a strong cooperation with the Co-Editors, the Editorial Board and the Administrative Council
b. Ensure a strong cooperation with the fellow Co-Editors
c. Meet with other editor to plan and review journal activities
d. Liaise with Guest Editors where relevant
e. Liaise with Special Issue authors
f. Communicate with Editorial Board
g. Chair Editorial Board meetings

5. Administrative Council and General Assembly
a. Ensure a strong cooperation with the Administrative Council of the ATEE
b. Be able to attend meetings of the Administrative Council when required
c. Write the Annual Editorial Reports for the ATEE Administrative Council and General Assembly
d. Plan and implement sessions on writing for academic journals at ATEE Annual Conference(s)
e. Attend the ATEE General Assemblies
f. Promote the EJTE at international conferences.

D. Application
The applicants should send their applications only to the attention of the ATEE President no later than 17th June 2019 12 pm CET to the email address: [email protected]

1. A Curriculum Vitae indicating how all requirements are met
2. A statement outlining the areas of expertise and envisaged contribution to the Journal
3. A list of publications and international metrics
4. A list of projects, researches, activities regarding education/teacher education
5. Any other relevant information

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview at the 2019 Annual Conference:




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