Call for chapter proposals: RDC PDTE & RDC Teaching Modern Languages

Call for chapter proposals 

Editors: Agnieszka Szplit  & Pete Boyd

The aim is to produce a coherent edited text focused on the development of teachers’ research literacy. The core chapters of the book will present evaluation of innovative practice or empirical research studies, which may be in the context of initial teacher education or professional development for teachers, as well as relevant conceptual papers.

The intended audience includes schoolteachers and teacher educators and we are aiming for critical analysis of complex ideas but in accessible Plain English. The book will be available open access online as well as having a hard copy print run. The first chapter provides a focus for the book by defining research literacy and introducing its significance. All chapter proposals and completed chapters will directly engage with the key concept of teachers’ research literacy. This may include critical challenges and offer alternatives or further development of the definition of research literacy provided in the first chapter.

Proposals for chapters in this text should be up to 1000 words and in addition cite up to 10 key references which should be listed. We anticipate that the final chapter will be up to 8000 words including the final list of references (see style guidelines and template below). The chapter will engage with teachers’ research literacy and may report on evaluation of innovative practice or on a relevant empirical research study. The focus is likely to be on initial teacher education or professional development activity with teachers, which might include advanced professional education, consultancy, professional development courses or collaborative research projects. 7 We would also welcome proposals for scholarly philosophical or conceptual papers that investigate theories or concepts related to teachers’ research literacy, including for example teachers’ knowledge and teachers’ professional judgments. The chapter proposals will be considered by the editors and selected on the basis of their convincing potential contribution to a coherent text focused on teachers’ research literacy. The core chapters of the book, beginning with the chapter already drafted to introduce the theme of teachers’ research literacy, will be framed by the editors with a prologue to introduce the chapters and an epilogue which will review the text and its contribution to understanding of the development of teachers’ research literacy.

Key dates as follows:

10th August 2020 – call for chapter proposals

15th September 2020 – deadline for chapter proposals

31st October 2020 – confirmation of accepted chapters

28th February 2021 – deadline for submission of draft chapters

March & April 2021 – peer review of chapters

May 2021 – Editors send comments with reviewer feedback for revision

31st July 2021 – deadline for revised chapters

15th September 2021 – submission of edited text to publisher

October & November – proof reading of chapters by authors and editors (deadline set by publisher)

Christmas/ New Year – publication in time for the book to be a present to us all

As editors we will be available to authors in between these dates and so can create some flexibility and offer informal feedback. However, the deadlines need to stand, and we cannot guarantee inclusion in the published text if these are missed.

A draft of a first chapter for the book is available from Dr. Agnieszka Szplit, email [email protected], along with Author Style Guidelines and a Chapter Template.

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