Call for candidates: new members of the Administrative Council

The ATEE is looking for three new members to serve on the Administrative Council of the Association. Members interested in contributing to the development of the Association are invited to send their candidatures by 15 May 2019.
The members of the Administrative Council are elected by the General Assembly. The candidates will present themselves at the next General Assembly.
The ATEE Administrative Council (AC) constitutes the executive leadership of the Association, and AC members are responsible for the general management of the Association. This management is achieved through three core managerial positions (the President, the Vice President, and the Treasurer) and additional positions covering other issues determined annually.
The Administrative Council is a working Board. All the AC members need to share the work and every member is to receive special tasks to do for ATEE. Progress on these tasks must be presented regularly in the Administrative Council. AC members are expected to work towards the very best possible outcomes for the ATEE, and to show solidarity with the Association.
As per Statutes, the Administrative Council shall have all powers necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Association, except for the powers that are specifically granted to other bodies of the Association by law or these Statutes.
The Administrative Council acts as a collegial body, e.g. decisions regarding the management of the Association are taken only by the Administrative Council.

Members-elect of the AC need to be fully aware of the content of the Statutes and the Internal Rules: they personally ensure to respect the expectations embodied in them, e. g. attending statutory meetings, performing assigned tasks, respect the rules on conflict of interest.

The candidates shall
– be teachers/teacher educators/researchers/academics actively involved in higher education;
– be active and committed members of the Association;
– be able to take an active part and responsibilities in the development of the Association;
– have a sound understanding of the aims, organisation and activities of the Association;
– be able to represent and promote ATEE at events in Brussels and in Europe;
– commit themselves to attend the statutory meetings and the ATEE Conferences;
– have a good command of the English language.

Each candidate should be supported by at least two other members from different Nationalities (at least one must be an institutional member).
To know more about the procedure please read the Statutes and Internal Rules of the Association.

The ATEE members are invited to send a Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum, letters of support and a personal statement by email only to the ATEE President: [email protected]

Applications deadline: 15th May 2019.

Applications sent by non-members, sent by third parties or with third parties in cc, sent to the wrong email address or after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.


Dr. Åsa Morberg
President of the ATEE Administrative Council

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