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Global education

In a shrinking, more connected world where we all face common challenges, such as those posed by economic recessions, conflicts or climate change, Global Education has become increasingly important.

Global Education has been defined by the Council of Europe as, “education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the globalised world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and Human Rights for all” (Council of Europe, 2002) and is a concept that has been in development since the end of the second world war.

In the 21st Century, global education has become a catch-all phrase that includes concepts such as Global Competence, Intercultural Competence, Global Citizenship, 21st Century Skills, Decolonisation, Multicultural Competence, Sustainable Education, Global Fluency, Cultural Intelligence, Intercultural Sensitivity and the like.

This RDC conducts and disseminates research in the field of Global Education (and its various formulations), we share good practice, develop and carry out projects and support the development of Global Education in Teacher Education.

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We warmly welcome you to the RDC and ask that you join the online network here: The Global Education Network



Sarah-Louise Jones


University of Hull


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University Rovira i Virgili


Virginia Larraz Rada


Andorra University

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