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In-service learning

The R&D Community on In-Service Learning was founded in the late 1990s.

Members of our community cover a wide range of professional backgrounds. However, we also have something in common: our interest in in-service or continuing professional learning.  As an RDC, we have been highly successful in gaining funding for a number of projects and activities.

Between 2018 and 2021, RDC members worked on an Erasmus+ project called PROMISE (Promoting Inclusion in Society through
Education: Addressing Professional Dilemmas). Our project website contains a range of professional learning materials developed during the project:

In 2021, RDC members embarked on a new Erasmus+ project called RAPIDE (Reimagining a Positive Direction for Education). The three principal aims of the RAPIDE project activity will be:

an increase in educators’ ability and confidence to provide effective and inclusive digital learning opportunities.

an increase in educators’ ability to manage change in their working practices.

an increase in the ability of the wider community including parents, carers, other family members and other interested professionals to understand and support both educators and students in digital learning contexts.

Throughout the RAPIDE project, the team will undertake transnational research activity to examine if changes occur in participants’ professional values, knowledge and skills linked to project activity using a range of co-participatory research methods.

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Our session programme

Anybody is most welcome to join us in an interactive session. In light of  the topics highlighted at the conference (innovation, professional roles of teacher educators and school based teacher learning) and our latest RDC project (ProLea), we would like to reflect upon the following questions:

What are the most recent challenges teachers have been facing in their work?

How does do these challenges require changes in teachers’ professional roles?

What do teachers need to develop, or learn in order to meet the challenges they are facing?

We would like to approach these questions using narrative methods. Concretely, it means that we would rather exchange stories and experiences than have debates. The session will be moderated so as to promote an exploration of the relevant experiences and ideas. Please feel welcome to join us and take part in our explorations.

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