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Social justice, equity and diversity

Unequal power relations exist in society, and therefore between all participants in the educational process. These differences find their roots in affiliation to specific social groups based on role, gender and perceived ethnicity.

Such unequal power relations impact on pupil achievement. They should be tackled.

Main themes

  • Improving teacher education by highlighting power relations.

  • Much cross-cultural misunderstanding arises from misinformation, prejudice and stereotypes. This is part of a process of ‘othering’, which means excluding those who are  ‘not like us’. This othering needs to be acknowledged, challenged and overcome.

  • Positive attitudes to difference (cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, language, ability or otherwise) cannot be assumed among teachers.

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Our publications
  • Teacher Educator Perceptions on Equity, Inclusion and Anti-discrimination

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