Professional development of teacher educators (PDTE)

The R&D Community on the Professional development of teacher educators (PDTE) was established in 2004 during the conference in Agrigento, Sicily. It is now a highly active R&D Community with several projects.

Our objectives

  • Improving the professional development of teacher educators and strengthening their position.

  • Exchanging and generating information about the professional development of teacher educators during the ATEE annual conference by means of papers, discussions, workshops, etc.

  • Producing and distributing knowledge by engaging in joint studies and activities.

Want to find out

Our projects

Elevator pitches – our research interests

At the first PDTE RDC meeting at the ATEE Annual conference 2019 we had a workshop where we prepared our elevator pitches. Imagine:

The elevator takes one minute from the ground floor to the floor where you work. You may be in the elevator with anyone – from the vice chancellor to a visitor to the University. They may say – ‘What are your research interests?’ You need to be able to say very clearly in less than one minute the key points in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate.

We coached each other in pairs and recorded each other. Here are a few of the results! We hope you enjoy watching us.

Join us now!

Our RDC has no official membership. We have ‘core members’ who come to our group meetings on a regular basis and are involved in our projects. Each project group consists of different people and may have different ‘leaders’. Even non-core members may join a project.

Our publications
End of Results

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